Andrzej Maciejewski

Creative Producer, CGI Supervisor

Co-founder of the brand Ars Visual Multimedia. Graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Telecommunications at the University of Zielona Gora. Participant of international competitions and the winner of NVidia 3D Art Competition. Appreciated for his conceptual design for brands such as Heineken, Milka, Grupa Zywiec, Danone, Pampers, Olay and many more. For many years involved in the creation of 3D graphics, advanced models and animation as well as conceptual designs. He can be characterized as creative, uncompromising and committed to the carried out projects, continuously searching for new and better solutions.

Responsible for the Organization and Creation as well as 3D, Animation and Post-Production Departments.

Jerzy Sulikowski

CGI Supervisor, Architect

Co-founder of the brand Ars Visual Multimedia. Graduate of Architecture and Urban Design at the Cracow University of Technology and The Royal Institute of British Architects. He has won many awards in architecture and interior design competitions statewide. In 2007 he decided to redirect his career progress  from architectural design to further develop his greatest passion – three-dimensional (3D) graphics. Currently engaged in conceptual and executive projects, models, visualizations and animations. His work is dedicated in custom non-commercial productions and architectural competitions and can be characterized by a creative approach to all projects.

Responsible for the Organization and Creation, as well as 3D, Animation and Post-Production Departments.

Krzysztof Blask

Internet Technology Specialist, Application Developer

(Internet Technology Specialist.) Graduated in Electronic Data Processing at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. As a freelancer, he participated in the formation and development of several IT projects. The desire to constantly improve has caused his engagement in many fields almost always related to the Internet since 2004. So far, has been working as: front-end and back-end developer, mobile applications designer, JavaScript programmer, graphic designer, as well as online advertising specialist. Currently, his interests are focused around the practical use of innovative solutions, creating applications supported by 3D technology and augumented reality.

Responsible for Applications and IT Departments.

Hubert Kaszycki

Polish Open University graduate, with a major in Advertising and Marketing. One of the first people in Poland doing professional Video Mapping, actively developing pioneer technologies in this regard. Specialist in media and performing solutions, experienced in working with large events. Led several trainings on Video Mapping, currently running a series of workshops for students of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts. Constantly looking for new solutions, he creates interactive systems for events and develops solutions that integrate video, audio, DMX lighting, special effects and physical controllers into one interactive system.

Responsible for Videomapping and Post-Production Departments.

Fryderyk Zyska

Product Designer, 2D Graphic Designer

Graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Design at Cracow Academy of Fine Arts. Participant of research projects sponsored by Skoda and Audi. Trainee in architectural studio IMB Asymetria  and the design studio Kaniewski Haute Design. Award winner in competitions TVP Dolina Kreatywna (in the field of Design), Subaru Design Challenge and Grand Prix Zoom Zoom Mazda Design. Closely related to the design of clean transport. Also appreciated in 2D design and interior design. Uses developed concepts as a means to create and change our reality.

Responsible for the 2D and IT Departments.

Adrian Błachut

Photographer, Filmmaker

Graduate of Management at the University of Bielsko-Biala, and Strategic Marketing at the Halmstad University in Sweden. He is a photographer with several years of professional experience, a blogger, and for a year also a filmmaker. In 2012, he completed a Cinematography Workshop at Multi Art Academy (AMA) in Cracow. Author of numerous press and Internet publications devoted to photography.

Responsible for Photography and Video Departments.

Rafał Kalinowski


Graduate of Architecture and Urban Design at the Cracow University of Technology. For many years has been creating scale mock-ups of: each type of architecture, dioramas, historic buildings, facades, interiors, land forms and replicas. Also specialized in carrying out mock-ups of public transport trams and buses. Particularly noteworthy is the one developed on request of Municipal Engineering Museum in Cracow, the model of SN3 “Zeppelin” in 1:10 scale. The latest mock-up technologies and a 3D printer allow him the most accurate reflection of each tiny detail.

Responsible for Prototyping and Modelling Departments.

Magda Korzunowicz

Graduate of Cultura Studies and Fashion at the University of Bologna, studied also in France within the Erasmus program framework. She gained professional experience at Agenzia Internet Marketing w Rimini in Italy. Speaks English, French and Italian fluently.Magda has easiness in cooperating with international clients. She is charismatic, friendly and strongly motivated. One of her characteristics is her professional approach to work and the Clients.

Responsible for Marketing and PR Departments.