B&B – Leather couch


B&B – Sofa

The project has been accomplished to brand sofa MAXALTO SIMPLEX SIMPLICE COLLECTION. The idea was to present the product in a very realistic way, allowing the use of printed material. Very high resolution snapshots showed the strength of our quality of finish details (including visualization of the seams on joints of upholstery fabrics and dents). We aimed to achieve 3D that can mimic reality. Please take a look below on example 3D visualization and real pictures.

Our work has received very positive reviews. Each element was modeled and textured from scratch.

We actually had customers that did not believe us that it is 3D render claiming that it was professionally made photography of real sofa!. We had to show actual 3D models without any textures to convince other potential customers hat indeed it was professionally made but 3D visualization only.

And here is the original foto of the existing interior.